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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thank You So Much Nisa and Fitt :'))
Hmm , yeaa , diz week chnge da location ! :) WE all tak study at lib today but study at MC'D Melaka Mall : Huu ~ At last , i get wht i wnt :) I mean , i wish i could study thre eventhough before , and yeaa , today da wish cme truee :p Thnks sygss . At 1st , base on our planning , we wnted to meet at 8 o'clock . But aftr all , he need to go br8fast with his dad : Yea , luckily i'm still at home tht time . So , i just okayy wit tht . But then , im late ! Hee ~ Sorryyy , * go br8fast wif 'kakak" 1st * I reached thre at 10.30 , sumthg like tht . And whenI saw him -_____- I ws so -_____________- awwwwwww :) Miss you sygs ! Hehehe , jst wnna hug him tht time , hahaha , but no way : Then , i gotta buy some fries 4 kakak , but thre's no fries so i just bought Mc muffin sausage 4 her . haziq ordered some Hotcakes * br8fst meal * such like a pancake ? : and then only we started our studies :D Addmaths 1st .
* sad storyy begin * Then , he took out some kind of paper , n tht ws an essay, belongs to Sista Amira :)) Woahh ,such a nice essay and a great kind of word huh =,= Then . He gve me another essay , tht ws his one . His Mid-term essay . i prefer 2 read his second essay 1st , Then . I dnnoe why , seems like i wnna read it till the end . At 1st , im not so clear bout da story , aftr then , i ask him , is it hppen to himself before ? And i ws rite , tht thng had happen to him before , it's about him and a girl -________- Idk why , aftr i fnished read da essay , my heart such a kind of thng dat really sU*ks oww : : Huuuu , i try to chill , but idk , it seems tht i cnt take it , n whn da tears strted to cme out , i quickly told him tht i wnna go out 4 a while , thn i strted to cry and cry2 :'( : : :'( I strght awy called da one tht i thnk cn calm me : I call Fitt 1st , sobb sobb :( i ws jst crying and crying whn on call wif her : I told her evrythg and only she knws bout it by tht time , then , i called Nisa , and sme goes to her , im just crying and jst gt nothg to say , but thn i told her too , and im a bit shock whn Nisa says tht she broke up with khai ? Speechless -___________- but thn i told her tht i wnna go inside , cz i scared tht 'he' gonna suspect anythng frm me , thn whn i went inside . I strght awy go to da hand wash side , so tht i cn wsh my fce 1st bfore meet him bck . I bought Sundae * strawberry * ice-cream 1st , n i told him tht i dnt hve mood 2 study at tht time . And he jst okay wit it . So , we when 4 movie aftr tht , and idk why , while we're in da cinema , my tears , :'( cme out again : especially whn i looked at his face . : Luckily he didnt realise it : But thn i just act like nrmal , i dnt wnna spoil our mood today
notes : If i still continue my story , till da last page also , i cnt finish it : So , stop till here okay -___________-
truthfully : micko_mira :')