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Sunday, September 12, 2010

An Annoying Amirah Abdullah

yeahh , she's ws so annoying rite ? do she ? alwys mke ppl hurts , jz like dmn shtt , Pfffftt ! Hm , yeahh everyone is nt perfect , so thn sme goes to her :| Evryone hs their own mistakes , either thy realize or no . And it sme goes to her too , sumtimes she didn't realize her mistakes . Always thnk tht she's the only good in evrythng , evryone likes her n so on . Till now , wif her ANNOYing chrcter mkes her loves became a bit upside down . Is it all her mistakes ? Thanks to all tht BLAME on her in evrythg , she knows tht she's nt PERFECT like othrs do . she's jz an ordinary gurl which has no speciality , HEARTless , SELFish and so more :| Thre's nothg to be regret or to be jealous of if u dnt get in her , it justt might hurts you then . Nevermind , she noe HERself -_____-

note : Sorry 4 all my mistaken :| by amirahabdullah @ micko_amira